The following couples filed for divorce in Shelby County from Aug. 3-10:

-Angela Marie Boothe of Wilsonville and John Christopher Boothe of


-Michael L. Hudson of Birmingham and Paula N. Hudson of Duarie, Calif.

-Catherine Ebert of Coumbiana and Charles Ebert of Columbiana.

-Stephanie Jean Truesdale of Alabaster and David George Truesdale of Alabaster.

-Josh Patrick Palmer of Birmingham and Sunny Gloria Palmer of Birmingham.

-Michael Anthony Oliver of Wilsonville and Rachel Ware Oliver of Wilsonville.

-Kimberly Davis Griffitt of Calera and Joseph Kelly Griffitt of Calera.

-Dawn Michelle Killough of Birmingham and Ricky Glenn Killough of Chelsea.

-Lisa Michelle Pearson of Calera and and Chad Thomas Pearson of Calera.

-Christy L. Morrison of Clanton and James L. Morrison of Alabaster.

-Rachel Leigh Lodge of Shelby and Danny Clayton Lodge of Shelby.

-Wanda Webb Carruthers of Birmingham and Paul Schelly Carruthers, no address listed