Letters to the editor for August 22, 2007:

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dear Editor,

I live in Chelsea and am very familiar with 280. I have noticed, in recent weeks, that they seem to have set the new traffic lights at Highway 41 & 43 so that vehicles on the side roads have preference over the 280 traffic. This is especially true at night, when I have seen the traffic light allow three cars to go through and then turn red again. Now come on &045; surely we can do better than this?

Also, I have a question to the DOT. When are we going to start installing cameras at red lights around town? It seems to be a really good deterrent in Atlanta. I would really like to see these morons pay for the privilege of going through a red light just because they can.

A friend of mine was in CA on business and apparently got caught on camera. They sent a ticket in the mail here to Alabama. The ticket was over $350!

You can bet that he will be slowing down and stopping at traffic signals now.

Kathy Mergl


Dear Editor,

I am extremely upset to hear analog broadcasting of television is ending. I am a stay-at-home mother with a working husband in a middle to lower middle class home and two children.

I have two main reasons for not having cable or satellite. One, is I simply can&8217;t afford it, and two, they have too many channels my children shouldn&8217;t be watching.

We have enough trouble paying our bills &045; utilities, mortgage, car insurance, health insurance, medicines, school expenses, gas and food, and do not have extras such as cell phones, DSL computer service, vacations or cable/satellite TV. We do not have the money to pay another expense.

I am sure there are many other people in the same situation, especially the elderly on fixed incomes who already have to choose between medicine and food. What are they going to do? How are they going to get the news, weather (particularly tornadoes, hurricanes, etc), presidential speeches and health information. How will they know these things? What if they don&8217;t have a family to check on them and tell them?

Also, I believe that there are steps that are leaning toward ending free radio broadcasting in the future.

What will people do then to get the weather and news? I really think that this is a very bad idea for many Americans. I heard a quote that there are 20 million people still using the analog broadcast service. Twenty million people!

Don&8217;t the cable and satellite companies make enough money already without forcing it on those of us who can&8217;t afford to pay and would have to do without TV service? Please ask your senators, congressmen, governor and president to stop them from ending analog TV broadcasting. We really need this service.

Donna Thompson