Mark little steps even after feet stop growing

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 4, 2007

They always start the same way. Just like her favorite fairytales that begin with the required, &8220;Once upon a time,&8221; my 5-year-old niece opens personal accounts of her life with, &8220;When I was a little girl …&8221;

More often than not, the notable event &045;&045; building a tower or hiding from her brother &045;&045; happened just days before. As any good aunt would, I always found my niece&8217;s simple understanding of time adorable. However, looking back at some of my small but personally triumphant accomplishments lately, I find it insightful.

For example, when I was a little girl (last month), I learned to stand up to the insurance company, rental car group and repair shop that accompanied my first smashed car experience.

And when I was a little girl (last week), I killed a cockroach on my own without screaming (much), and it just took one good swing.

When I was a little girl (yesterday), I dared pull trash out of a semi-strange dog&8217;s mouth.

In comparison to my niece, who just weeks ago began reading her first words, my &8220;stories&8221; don&8217;t seem like much. But minor victories should be as important at 25 as they are at 5. They are reminders of who we were when we were little and that growing is all about baby steps