Unsung heroes show love for community

&8220;The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor. &8221;

&8212;Hubert H. Humphrey

Good neighbors are hard to come by. Like needles in a haystack, they are often very hard to find. That is why I am asking for your help.

In a day and time when bad news is more prevalent than good, we would appreciate your help in finding a few unsung heroes that through their works and deeds make a difference in the lives of their fellow man.

This good neighbor could be a person down the street from you that takes time each spring and summer to mow the lawn of an elderly neighbor. They could be a Sunday school teacher that is making our county a better place one precious child at a time.

They could be a person in your office that skips lunch once a week to deliver meals on wheels. In short, a good neighbor is someone that invests a part of his or her life to make someone else&8217;s brighter.

An example of the type of good neighbor we are seeking:

Mr. John Jones of Columbiana.

Many of you know Mr. Jones, perhaps through his work with the Shelby County Fair, or the Columbiana Kiwanis Club or perhaps one of the many other volunteer organizations he helps.

Mr. Jones along with countless other volunteers work to make certain that when we need blood it is available. So what makes Mr. Jones such a good neighbor?


Mr. Jones performs his volunteer work with a spirit of joy seldom encountered in today&8217;s fast paced world.

Those lucky enough to know Mr. Jones realize that, without a doubt, when he asks you for a favor you know it is to benefit one of the worthwhile organizations he helps and more likely than not, has a direct tie to benefit local schools and children. You see, Mr. Jones reminds us all how good it feels to give to others; he teaches us that lesson through his own life and how he lives it each day.

Makes you feel better just reading about a person like Mr. Jones doesn&8217;t it?

Let&8217;s celebrate our county&8217;s good neighbors together.

Please pass along your good neighbor suggestions to me at the email address to the left or you can mail or phone them in to our office.

Thanks in advance for your help