Diligent work to improve infrastructure

&8220;Economy is the method by which we prepare today to afford the improvements of tomorrow.&8221;

&8212;Calvin Coolidge

Columbiana Mayor Allan Lowe announced last week that the city will receive $500,000 from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs to run sewer to about 46 homes in and around Egg and Butter Road, Nelson-Walker Road, Wood Lane and County Road 47.

The city will contribute another $262,000 toward the project when the construction phase begins next spring. Although the sewer work will be isolated to particular areas of the city, the community as a whole, and quite possibly the area in general, will see good come from this much-needed work.

The positive impact this new infrastructure will have on the quality of life for area residents is significant. Property values and greater potential for economic expansion will be enhanced.

Any application for funding is often met with a skeptical eye and hosts of competition from others reaching out for limited grant funds; no doubt this application faced similar hurdles, which it thankfully cleared.

Such a grant does not come to

reality out of thin air. It comes from extensive behind the scenes work long before Columbiana&8217;s May application for the grant was submitted. In terms of a grant of this size, that behind the scenes work is only intensified.

Both the mayor and city council, with input from residents, worked together to assess major areas needing infrastructure improvements in the city and then secured outside help from Community Consultants Inc. of Huntsville in the writing of the actual grant request.

Rep. Mike Hill also deserves a great deal of credit for his help in making certain

the city&8217;s request was fully understood and given the careful consideration it warranted; his work on this and other projects of equal importance to this area too often goes without the proper accolades he most certainly deserves but never seeks.

Good things seldom happen to us as individuals or as members of a community without a bit of hard work and cooperation.

Both characteristics were quite obvious in this successful grant application and all those involved in its successful outcome are to be commended for their good work and great results