Theft in Ballantrae

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 8, 2007

Recently a lawnmower was stolen from our back yard here in Ballantrae. I believe it was taken by some of the workers in the area and of course at the house next to ours there were several individuals working on the day it was taken. Today I was advised by the man who cuts my yard that on Saturday, Oct 6th, while his truck was parked across the street from my house, over a thousand dollars worth of equipment was taken from his truck. I have been advised that there were workers present employed by both Martin Construction and JEBCO.

This last theft leaves me concerned not only about the security of anything left in our yards, but also the safety of my family and the families of others.

There seem to be a lot of stories about certain workers stealing on a regular basis. For some reason this theft generates only minor concern by our officials.

I did not move to Ballantrae in Pelham to be in the midst of thieves. Is this what Shelby County wants to be its public face?