Down the hall: Goodbye tomorrow, hello today

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 9, 2007

By Nicole Lucas/ Guest Columnist

What’s right in our schools? Well at Montevallo High School there are a lot of things right.

Our school was one of the lucky ones this year to get new technology, new classes and new teachers. Some of my favorite classes include: Earth and Space Science, Theatre Arts II, Geometry and Humanities.

Earth and Space Science is one of our new classes. The class teaches us about the origin of space and how our solar system came to be. We are one of the few schools in Shelby County, if not the only, to have this class.

Theatre Arts II is one of the best theatre years we have had. The production plans this year are exceeding all expectations.

One aspect of the new technology are Smartbords. Smart boards are interactive whiteboards. Along with these, we also received new laptops, mac books and digital cameras. The Smartbords have shown to be very helpful in math classes, history classes, and English classes. They help to be more interactive and hands on.

Humanities teaches us about photography, poetry, podcasts and other media interactions. This year I have learned to take exceptional photographs. We have learned to take poems and add movement and feeling to them. Learning to create podcasts has also been a very rewarding experience. What I have learned so far this year will take me very far.

In all things are going quite well at MHS. The future of learning has begun and the minds of millions are changing. Learning experiences are becoming more interactive. The new classes, the new technology and the new teachers are all part of what makes our school right.

Nicole Lucas is a 11th grader at Montevallo High School