Down the hall: New technology at Montevallo

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 30, 2007

By SHELBY MACKEY / Guest Columnist

This past year, Montevallo High School was blessed with new technology.

Six teachers were chosen to receive a grant that gave them a great big package of cool things to utilize during instruction. The teachers were wowed by what they received: a new inter-write smart board, four new laptops, two new Mac books, digital cameras and a lot of little electronic gadgets that I cannot name.

The new technology helps us out with our schoolwork and makes learning more interesting.

The inter-write board is really smart. It is a lot like a whiteboard, but this board can be written on, typed on, colored on and used in many other ways. The board is almost like having a big screen TV in your classroom.

Another cool and different thing the teachers received was a set of MAC books. A MAC book is smaller than a laptop. It is white and can play music and videos, take pictures and much more. These MAC books have opened new opportunities for students at Montevallo High School by providing us the opportunity to include pictures and videos in our projects, which makes them much more entertaining. MAC books are good for making podcasts and other projects as well.

The new technology is in our math, English and history classes. It makes our school a better place and makes it more fun to be there. We can explore on the internet, use the laptops to interact with the teacher’s lesson and even create podcasts and class blogs. What a learning experience!

All the items we received from the grant have opened the eyes of the students and teachers and have taken us to a new level.

Learning does not have to be boring and tiring anymore. We can also have fun with the technology that is being used today at Mo-Town a.k.a. Montevallo High.

Shelby Mackey is a student at Montevallo High School