Letters to the editor for December 5, 2007:

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dear Editor,

The Palmer case has made a complete circle. He should have never received the Most Valuable Award. Who knows, maybe if they had made the punishment stick, he would not be behind bars now. The reporter, in this case Fred Guarino, I believe, is easy to follow. I&8217;m guessing he&8217;s probably a Yankee liberal and votes democrat. I want to thank the one lady who did write in. I was disappointed that more people did not voice their opinion.

As far as Rush Propst&8217;s departure, wake up! He did not change all those grades himself. There are other teachers to be fired and maybe principals, etc. We are just finding out, after eight years? Don&8217;t you have a Superintendent of Education?

He should never be able to coach or teach again, and the other guilty people also.

I am a former Columbiana resident now residing in Bakersfield, Calif., but my heart remains in Alabama.

Sonny Dorough

Bakersfield, Calif