You can never thank a teacher too much

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 4, 2007

“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well.”


There is no greater responsibility than to mold and shape a child. It is a responsibility parents and grandparents certainly know. Teachers, although unfortunately sometimes overlooked in that regard, have perhaps the greatest impact on children outside the home and that remarkably important role that makes differences in lives every day.

We all have stories of the teacher that made some indelible mark on our education, that pivot point where we discovered a new way to look at the world, or to approach a problem or to communicate using the written word. Or perhaps that teacher made a difference in our life not just through teaching the three &8220;R&8217;s&8221; but also through caring for us as an individual and making us feel as though we could accomplish anything through hard work.

I am certainly the beneficiary of that sort of teacher involvement and chances are you are too particularly if you where educated in the Shelby County school system.

Shelby County schools are certainly filled with special teachers and many of them received special recognition last week at the Teacher of the Year reception, held November 29 at Oak Mountain High School. Teachers from high school to elementary school were celebrated for their contributions to our children&8217;s lives as part of a reception held in their honor by the Greater Shelby County Education Foundation.

Thirty-six Teacher of the Year recipients were selected from across the school system and from that list, three top winners were named representing the three grade level categories of elementary, middle, and high. The top three winners were Julie Nelson, High School Teacher of the Year; Jeff Denney, Middle School Teacher of the Year; and Kristi Turner, Elementary School Teacher of the Year.

Each recipient of this year&8217;s awards should be proud of their accomplishment knowing that countless children and parents throughout our community appreciate their commitment to making our children into productive and happy adults.

The importance of high quality teachers cannot be overstated and it is quite appropriate for our school system and its foundation to recognize our community&8217;s very best