Letters to the editor for December 19, 2007:

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dear Editor,

I&8217;ve never written a letter to an editor before, but felt very strongly that this was the time to voice my feelings.

I just want to congratulate Mayor Allan Lowe regarding his handling of the protests of the Christmas manger scene on display in the city of Columbiana.

The reason for the &8220;holiday season&8221; is the birth of Christ. That&8217;s why it is called CHRIST-mas. We Christians have had to endure a lot of things that go against our grain, most of the time because it may offend someone.

Well, it would offend me if we could not display the Nativity!

Doris Ward


Dear Editor:

I want to say thank you to the mayor of Columbiana, Allan Lowe. He is actually doing something to save our Nativity scenes in his city.

It makes me angry that someone who doesn&8217;t even live in our city can come into town visiting and be &8220;offended&8221; by our decorations. Don&8217;t try to change our ways of celebrating.

If I visit another town or someone&8217;s house with other religious or holiday decorations, I don&8217;t go the mayor&8217;s office and ask them to remove them. I look and admire them, or I look the other way.

Lowe has made arrangements that if you want to put your religious or holiday decoration on city property then apply for a permit. Of course, it needs to be tasteful and not mean-spirited.

Why do we have to change our celebrations of Christ&8217;s birth that have been going on for hundreds of years because someone can&8217;t be &8220;politically correct&8221; by accepting the Christian religion like they do other religions?

Why are we forced to put away our Christian symbols? Display your religious or holiday scenes, and we will too.

We believe that the love of Christ is the greatest gift to a world of people that is destroying itself from the inside out, and we want to tell everyone about him. He loves us all! Merry CHRIST-mas!

Donna Thompson


Dear Editor,

What a sad time for our city when two complaints can receive front page headlines over child porn sentencing and assault allegations.

It&8217;s not until you reach section C that you read a small article about a young lady in our area who has taken the time and effort to donate her ponytail for all the sick people who might need it.

What a loving Christian thing to do! I think we can all learn from a child once again.

Thomas Williford


Dear Editor,

It&8217;s that magical time of the year where you can believe anything can happen. Children look at you with wonder in their eyes. They are so very special.

Enjoy them; take time to really enjoy them. They are only little for such a short time. Enjoy every second of every day with them.

You are not guaranteed tomorrow. One afternoon of playing will be remembered, forever, long after a present that you give them.

A present is just a present. Love is what they will always remember.

Make wonderful memories with your children, they are only yours for such a short time.

You don&8217;t realize how fast the times flies until something happens and you don&8217;t have them anymore.

As I am sitting here writing this, I only wish I had one more afternoon with mine.

To my wonderful son, Jason, I love you and miss you always.

Susan Conn


Dear Editor,

I just turned 64 years old. Friday, Nov. 30, something awful happened when I returned home from getting groceries.

Since I am an older lady with a handicapped left arm and leg, I had to put my groceries in my buggy and push it to my porch.

I can&8217;t carry all of it in at one time, but I did take everything except one bag that had my gifts and three packs of pictures I had just gotten developed.

When I came back out for the bag, it was gone. I told the police about it. I am tired of thieves here stealing from me and harassing me almost daily.

I ask Christians to pray for these thieves to give back my pictures and gifts that was in the last sack to tote in.

Lyda Cagle