Letters to the editor for December 26, 2007:

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dear Editor,

I was surprised to read a few of the online responses in the Dec. 12 edition of the Reporter.

I see that some of our citizens would like to take down the Nativity scene because they disagree with &8220;religious display on government property.&8221; Okay.

Got that. Then what are you going to do about the twinkle lights, garland, ribbons, bows, wreaths and Christmas tree that are also on display on government property?

You see, when I see the illumination of a twinkle light that has been wrapped around a light pole my tax money paid for I think of one thing, and that is Christmas.

And what is Christmas? Yes, there&8217;s that whole part about presents and family, but why do we celebrate Christmas? It&8217;s our Lord&8217;s birthday.

So, if religious display is the issue, then wouldn&8217;t we want to not only take down the Nativity, but all of the other beautiful decorations in our town?

But all of that aside, I am also an American. And I know that we can agree that we are a melting pot of cultures and beliefs, and our Founding Fathers taught us to be tolerant of those who are different. If you celebrate Hanukkah, Ramadan, Diwali or even the Winter Solstice and want to put something in the same spot as the Nativity scene &8212; I say go for it.

Only allowing Christian themed decor in town isn&8217;t fair no matter how you look at it or how badly it offends you &8212; it&8217;s just not fair.

Mayor Lowe said that there is a list of secular and religious companies in town that have been given the &8216;okay&8217; to decorate that particular area of town. If you want something there, I suggest getting a petition up.

I&8217;m thankful that our town is large enough to hold such different opinions but still small enough that we can try to accommodate them the best way possible.

The lady who worked hard to have the Nativity removed is entitled to her opinion and she, in my eyes, should still be welcomed in our community.

In the end, it all sums up with one question: Can&8217;t we all just get along?

Ashley Limbaugh