Letters to the editor for January 23, 2008:

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dear Editor,

I would like to take a moment of your time to enlighten you and the community about a wonderful dentist that has recently moved into our area in 2007.

I have had a life changing experience since I met Dr. Scott Anderson and his staff members, Bonita (dental hygienist) and Allison (secretary).

I have always had a great fear of going to the dentist and was in need of multiple major procedures.

From the day that I spoke with his office on the phone, I have been so pleased with their professionalism and kindness.

They understood my fears and went totally out of their way to reassure me with every phone call, appointment and procedure.

It is so out of the ordinary to find people like this. I wanted to express my gratitude to Dr. Anderson and his caring staff.

I also wanted to share with others this good news, should someone else like myself experience the same phobia that I used to and need dental care.

Dr. Anderson is located at 100 South Colonial Drive, Suite 400. (This is the newest shopping center where Target is located.) His phone number is 664-1166.

Thanks for sharing this good news with the community, it’s so good to know there are still people who have a genuine concern for others.

Barbara Grace