The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from Feb. 1-7

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 19, 2008

-James David Hyde, 23, of Montevallo and Heather Christina Blackwell, 19, of Alabaster.

-John Anthony Clemons, 48, of Wilsonville and Sheila Ann Peel, 35, of Wilsonville.

-William Beaudy Davis, 42, of Maylene and Ann Therese Navar, 39, of Birmingham.

-Alan Tyson McKee, 30, of Birmingham and Patricia Elaine Pace, 38, of Helena.

-Carl Douglas Acton, 69, of Leeds and Nanett Webster, 51, of Leeds.

-Maurice Darmond Merchant, 24, of Montevallo and Martha Emily Butera, 21, of Montevallo.

-Stephen Halsten Bell, 19, of Shelby and Mary Elizabeth Green, 18, of Shelby.

-Brandon Donell Wooley, 26, of Alabaster and Tiffanie Rena Russell, 27, of Alabaster.

-Casey Daniel Rice, 18, of Alabaster and Karlie Adair Ellison, 19, of Alabaster.

-Arteze Jerman Radford, 25, of Maylene and Laura Ellen Wyatt, 25, of Maylene.

-Jeffrey Thomas De Quattro, 31, of Birmingham and Rachel Shaw Bailey, 37, of Birmingham.

-Justin Dale Lowe, 19, of Columbiana and Dianna Renee Foster, 21, of Columbiana.

-Steven Edward Smith, 44, of Alabaster and Mary Ann Miller, 53, of Alabaster