Food for thought: A sweet tooth’s paradise

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 22, 2008

By DAISY MOON / Staff Writer

January marked the 10th anniversary of Edgar’s Bakery, one of the Birmingham area’s most thriving hotspots for cakes, cookies and more.

After working in the grocery business for a number of years, Terrie Smith, who co-owns Edgar’s with his wife Dottie, embarked on a business venture that has turned out quite popular among Birmingham residents.


Edgar’s features a wide variety of sandwiches, many of them with catchy names. There is the Marilyn Monroe, which includes a “hot steaming sliced breast of chicken with pepperoni and melted mozzarella cheese on toasted cheddar bread with marina dipping sauce.”

Other memorable favorites include the President’s Choice, Way Down South and Just My Imagination. Those are only a sampling of the sandwiches and specialties offered in their menu.

Customers can also dine on soups and salads while enjoying a nice hot latte.

But Edgar’s is most famous for their vast array of wedding cakes, birthday cakes and other sweet treats.

Smith said nearly 50 percent of his business comes from the sale of cakes alone.


The glass cases of Edgar’s Pelham location are filled with various cakes and pastries of all shapes and sizes. For any child or simply an adult who is a child-at-heart, it is nothing short of a fantasyland where sugary delights overflow.


Smith said he sees a lot of soccer moms selecting cakes for birthday parties, as well as company representatives picking up goodies for clients.

Edgar’s Bakery now has three locations and will soon open another branch on Highway 119 in mid-March.

The main stop for most customers is the Pelham store, which has been open now for four years. This is where 90 percent of Edgar’s products originate. From here, they are shipped to other locations.


499 Southgate Drive

Pelham, AL