From the pulpit: Mission Possible

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 22, 2008

By BOB FLAYHART / Guest Columnist

I love spy stuff. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to get your orders from a Kodak camera; do the retinal scan, save the world, rescue hostages?

What if the Christian life is not so far from that?

We have been called to go into enemy territory and rescue hostages. We, as Christians, are constantly given a mission by God to live for His glory.

Daniel was given a mission that seemed impossible. Like Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible, Daniel chose to accept his mission with faith, courage, and hope.

God is going to call all of us to choose to accept what we perceive as seemingly impossible missions.

For some of us, the “Mission Impossible” will be facing a season of financial crisis with grace and faith and hope. For others, “Mission Impossible” may revolve around enduring and growing through an incredibly difficult marriage. For still others, we may be battling a secret sin, facing death or confronting past abuse. Sometimes, it’s just a simple life transition that appears to be a mission beyond our ability to cope.

In the book of Daniel, King Nebechanezer had a dream. Well, the king was so disturbed by this dream that he didn’t want anyone to falsely interpret it.

So he said, “I’ll tell you what – I’ll know you really know what you’re talking about if you tell me not only the interpretation, but the dream itself.

I’m not going to tell you anything about it.”

Now, picture that. How do you tell somebody a dream they had when you don’t know any of the details? Yet, that is the impossible request the king made.

His mind was so set, that if they didn’t reveal the dream and its interpretation they were going to be torn limb from limb. The stakes were high and the mission seemingly impossible, and the wise men …they panicked.

At the very moment when the captain of the king’s guard was going to kill, Daniel steps up to the plate. He realizes it is a mission given to him by God. Daniel knew it was his mission should he choose to accept it. He did, God was honored, lives were saved and a culture was impacted.

How? The Bible says in Daniel 2:14,

“With prudence and discretion.”

Do you know how I would respond if somebody was out to kill me? It wouldn’t be with prudence and discretion, it would be with panic and terror.

See, the world faces the impossible with panic, with fear, with anxiety and oftentimes, many Christians respond the same way to seemingly impossible missions that God’s grace can make possible. But not Daniel.

So whatever that mission before you, will you, by the grace of God, choose to accept it? If you do, you will see God move in a way you have never seen him move before.

I also will say, on the other hand, if you and I choose to refuse to accept the mission, there will be fallout, and there will be consequences and this is why we need the Body of Christ.

We need to spur each other on to choose to accept the seemingly impossible mission that God has designed for each one of us.

Bob Flayhart is pastor at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church.