Working to repay our debt

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mothers, wives, children and friends whisper prayers each night across Shelby County for soldiers serving in dangerous conditions across the world.

A constant flow of our men and women depart and return home from tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and other stations around the Middle East and the world. For this reason alone, citizens of our area, and the rest of the country, must do their part to keep these soldiers in the forefront of our thoughts. They sacrifice their comfort and safety and delay their hopes and dreams so that we can tuck our children into bed each night and head off to school and work each morning without the threats they face each and every day.

We trust that they feel uplifted by our prayers, messages and care packages. Students from at least three of our local high schools began diligently packing boxes last fall to ship to our soldiers. They continue to need assistance from the community though. Shipping can get expensive and even beef jerky runs up a grocery bill after a while.

A support group for the families of soldiers, based out of Calera, is also striving to let their men and women see that the things they gave up, to spend months in a desert, did not fall into the trap doors of short-lived memories. They simply desire to give their soldiers a warm welcome home.

We have not and cannot forget that they are there. Each and every one of us owes a debt to them all. Pitching in to care for them is the least we can do. To help the Family Readiness Group raise money all you have to do is buy a T-shirt at Malino&8217;s Pizza, Calera High School or Central State Bank. To help students send care packages you can contact Lt. Col. Larry Moore at Vincent, Major Aurelio Garcia at Shelby County or Col. Eldon Woodie at Thompson High Schools. Give them a call, and they can tell you what they need.