Springs girls beat Altamont tennis

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 14, 2008


Indian Springs’ girls’ tennis did what boys’ tennis or either soccer team could do this week, beat arch-rival Altamont, downing the Knights 6-3 Thursday.

Springs won No. 1-4 singles and No. 1-2 doubles for the victory.

SINGLES – S1: Elaine Song (ISS) def. Heshini Piathyilake (ALT) 10-0. S2: Natalie Dove (ISS) def. Maggie King (ALT) 10-6. S3: Elizabeth Staudinger (ISS) def. Margret Cartner (ALT) 10-3. S4: Claire Abraham (ISS) def. Palmer Miller (ALT) 10-0. S5: Margret Collins (ALT) d. Sarah O’Neal (ISS) 10-7. S6: Lillie Ratliff (ALT) d. Mary Margret Barr (ISS) 10-5. DOUBLES – D1: Song/Dove (ISS) def. Heshini/Miller (ALT) 8-6. D2: Staudinger/Abraham (ISS) def. King/Catrner (ALT) 9-8. D3: Ratliff/Collins (ALT) def. O’Neal/Barr (ISS) 8-3