Down the Hall: Spring break is just a prelude to summer

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 20, 2008

By DERICA JOHNSON / Guest Columnist

Springtime is upon us and it is time to take that yearly break away from school that every student sees as needed.

While the third nine weeks wraps up at Pelham High School, it is impossible to stay focused.

Spring break is here and it could not have come at a better time, for the most part.

Most students are packing their bags and heading down to the vacation hot spots, such as Panama City, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Destin.

Others travel to places out of the ordinary like New York, Mexico and Virginia.

Although it is common to travel and go to the beach for spring break, others decide to stay home for the break.

As for myself, I made the decision not to vacation, but to stay home, save money and work throughout the break.

Spring break in Shelby County can be more fun than you think it could be.

Even though the mainstream of my fellow classmates will be away, there is still enough at home to make the break just as amazing.

With the Galleria, an assortment of movie theatres and the grand Patton Creek, it is impractical for any break to be tedious.

Since working will be my main task during the break, it will be important to not overwork myself and to benefit from the time off at hand.

Many will say that spring break is just another week on the calendar.

The importance of this break is not only a little time off from school, but to give students a reminder of how great the summer break will be.

Soon the vacations will end and it will be time to return home and prepare for school yet again.

Before we will all realize, it will be the conclusion of the fourth nine weeks and the beginning of the best break of all.

Derica Johnson is a junior at Pelham High School