Noting the impact of small acts

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big things can come from small packages, but even if the gift inside a package is small, several of them add up quickly as students around the county continue to learn.

A group of kids at Greystone Elementary recently completed a project known as Read to Feed. Through their efforts, numerous families received sheep, pigs, chickens and other animals to use as food and a means of income. They did all of this through research and reading and even giving their own birthday money toward helping the families. The kids felt the urgent need of families who don&8217;t even have enough food to survive and they answered pleas for help without hesitation.

In Helena, students at Helena Intermediate School are working to raise money for Jeff Crowe. Crowe is the husband of Leslie Crowe, a teacher at the school, and the father of Hannah Crowe, a Helena Intermediate student.

The family&8217;s world spun into a dizzying motion when they learned that Jeff had a rare brain disorder. Now, the family has made the tough decision to take a chance by getting treatment in China. The children aim to raise $40,000 and have already reached $35,000 &8212; an amazing amount for such young kids.

These stand as just two examples of the pure hearts of children and their willingness to give. A lot of us often make the excuse that we aren&8217;t in the position to give, but these kids find pride in giving just what they have.

Big gifts do come in small packages. Even $5 can make a difference in some way.

The kids of Shelby County should be applauded for the gifts they bring and we all should learn from them.

For more information about the Read to Feed program, visit

To make donations to the Jeff Crowe Assistance Fund visit any Wachovia Bank branch.