From the pulpit: A tale of two rivers

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 16, 2008

By PAUL LAWLER / Guest Columnist

The Cahaba River is one of the south’s greatest treasures. This river meanders through eight Alabama counties.

It provides drinking water, supports the economy through hydration for timber, livestock, vegetables for market and nursery plants for numerous landscapes. The river contains a vast ecosystem hosting a variety of plants, fish and diversified wildlife. It’s also a great recreational resource as people canoe, fish and hiking along its forested boarders.

As suburban sprawl began to encroach upon the natural beauty of the Cahaba, many began to speak up for the preservation of this natural wonder.

The “save the Cahaba” movement took on momentum. You can support the movement through the purchase of “Save the Cahaba” car tags, or simply by donating to this non-profit organization.

Could I draw your attention for a moment upon another river?

This river is well known to some. It’s a mystery to others. This river, unbeknownst to many, is the world’s greatest treasure (Matthew 13:44-46).

People are laboring to pressure the life of one river, while this river gives life so that it might be vibrantly given for eternity.

-One river people are trying to save.

-One river saves people.

-One river is cluttered with pollution because of the heartless acts of people.

-One river cleanses the pollution of the hearts of those people.

One river flows through eight counties.

One river flows through the heart (John 7:38).

One river is a source of life.

One river is the source of Life (Ezekiel 47:9).

One river you can wade across.

One river is too deep to wade (Ezekiel 47:5).

In one river people enjoy recreation.

In one river people are re-created (Psalm 36:8).

One river is subject to drought.

One river supercedes drought (Psalm 78:16).

One river reflects earthly beauty.

One river reflects eternal glory (Isaiah 48:18).

One river contains stretches of turbulence.

One river is a river of peace (Isaiah 48:18).

Paul Lawler is the pastor at Christ Church United Methodist.