Meadow View Elementary students grow their own lettuce

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 24, 2008


Students in Sandy Swindall’s third-grade class at Meadow View Elementary School recently got into the garden spirit by growing their own lettuce.

Students and parents built the container boxes, thanks to a grant received from the Greater Shelby Education Foundation.

This grant enabled the class to purchase lumber, nails, soil, seeds, tools and a birdbath for the garden space. Once the boxes were built, the garden plans were made and the students planted lettuce seeds.

They tended to their garden for several weeks, which involved weeding and watering, as well as observing and recording data in their science notebooks about growth of their lettuce.

Then they harvested the lettuce and gave it to the lunchroom ladies, who graciously cleaned it for them and put it out on the cafeteria salad bar.

Some of the students who never cared for lettuce, or salad, found themselves suddenly enjoying it.

One observation students made right away was the difference in color between their lettuce and iceberg lettuce. Their garden lettuce was a much deeper green.

Swindall said she believes that all students should be actively involved in gardening to understand where their food comes from, the benefits of healthy eating and the joy of growing things.

She hopes to expand this garden project to include other vegetables and perhaps fruit trees.