Food for thought: A pizza lover’s paradise

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 25, 2008

By DAISY MOON / Staff Writer

COLUMBIANA – What could be better than a one-stop all-you-can-eat Italian/Greek restaurant that even provides takeout? For pizza lovers, nothing beats the delicious pizza and cuisines offered at Sanpeggio’s Pizza.

For more than five years, Sanpeggio’s has been serving the Columbiana area some incredibly popular Italian and Greek gourmets.

Manager Brian Burks, who has been with Sanpeggio’s for two years, said that some of their foods are so good, customers are back within just a few days for more.


Sanpeggio’s menu is filled with numerous sizes of pizza – from the seven-inch personal pie to the sixteen inch-large.

Customers can choose from any one of the specialty pizzas, including the super supreme, supreme, meaty or veggie.

Burks said that the meaty is probably the most popular among customers right now.

There is also the selection of gourmet pizzas such as the Hawaiian, fajita chicken, spicy buffalo and much more.

Like many pizza eateries, Sanpeggio’s also offers pastas, calzones, subs and salads.

Burks said customers can’t get enough of the Greek salad and are usually back soon after for another one.


Nestled into the former Winn-Dixie shopping center, Sanpeggio’s is quite cozy, offering just enough seating for 28 people.

But don’t let that hold you back. Anyone within a five-mile radius can order a special delivery.


Probably the most attractive feature of Sanpeggio’s is the all-you-can-eat (including drink) buffet offered throughout the workweek.

Burks said this one of the busiest times of the day.


295 Columbiana Square (in the former Winn-Dixie shopping center)

Columbiana, Ala. 35051


Hours: Sunday – Thursday, 11:00-9:00; Friday – Saturday 11:00-10:00 (delivery only after 4:00 p.m.)