Harrison Library announces new materials

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 1, 2008


The Harrison Regional Library in Columbiana now has new materials available for loan throughout the county.

The library has added an English as a second language set of 20 DVDs, “In English, On Your Own,” to their collection.

As the library seeks to serve all of the population within the county, they now offer these materials as aids to local ESL programs and private tutors, as well as individuals seeking to learn on their own. The collection isn’t geared to one language or another, so it can be used across the board.

To request the DVDs, please visit the closest Shelby County Public Library or go to their Web site at http://www.shelbycounty-al.org and place a request online.

For more information contact Kim Emrick at 669-3894.

Also, in an effort to begin spring-cleaning, the Harrison Regional Library has discovered several issues of microfiche.

They have made efforts to clean and organize these microfiche to make them available to library patrons.

They found many titles, such as Audubon, Consumer Reports, Christian Century, Ladies’ Home Journal, Nineteenth Century Literature and Southern Living. Patrons may come view them at the Harrison Regional Library or request to view them at the North Shelby Library