OLV students play mother hen

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 12, 2008


An annual Easter tradition continued this year in Jeanie Dennis’ kindergarten class at Our Lady of the Valley Catholic School as six baby chicks were hatched in her classroom under the watchful eyes of her kindergarten students.

“The true reason I do this every year is for Easter, and to show the children Jesus’ sacrifice and the gift of new life that he gave us,” Dennis said.

“It takes 21 days for the chickens to incubate. In the process of incubation, we read books and learned of the life cycle of the egg, or chicken, whichever comes first,” she said jokingly.

This year, the six baby chicks hatched on the day of the eighth-grade students’ confirmation.

The kindergarten class believed that was significant, and named the chicks special saints’ names in honor of the eighth-graders’ confirmation. Their names were Saint William, Saint Therese, Saint Matthew, Saint Bernadette, Saint Nicholas and Saint Mary