Letters to the Editor for May 21st, 2008

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dear Editor,

&8220;Bad news on our doorsteps&8221; from Don McLean resonates in Alabama today as the proposed legislative bill to protect us from public-invading, toxic tobacco smoke (PITTS) died Monday.

Yes, our unhealthy marching Alabama band leaders refused to yield again.

Will those who promote commerce, tourism and education for Alabama bury or boast our PITTS?

In 1987, I gathered hundreds of Alabama signatures who petitioned Governor Guy Hunt for liberation from the PITTS. Regretfully, no &8220;liberation theology&8221; from Reverend Hunt.

Alabama law requires that a lobbyist register and pay a fee of $100 to lobby our state lawmakers in Montgomery. No extra $100 bill near me at this time; maybe one will fall out of smoke-free heaven before the Jan. 31 registration deadline.

You can believe that our lawmakers would know the definition of the PITTS if I&8217;m lobbying in Montgomery. At age 55, I can run an eight-minute mile in case they flee, and took an American Sign Language course if they can&8217;t hear me.

I still remember the ASL for &8220;I love you.&8221; Do you?

Mike Sawyer