Vignette Club receives awards for giving back


The Vignette Club of Shelby County won the Suellen Brazil Outstanding Club award at the Alabama Federation of Women’s Clubs State Convention held April 25-27 at the Guntersville State Park.

This award is the highest award given to an AFWC club and was presented to President Phoebe Robinson and President Elect Phyllis French.

The following is a list of first place awards the Vignette Club received at the convention: Best Scholarship Report; Yearbook – $900 scholarship to University of Alabama: Student to be Vignette Club’s choice; President’s Award of Excellence; GFWC State President’s Special Project, Domestic Violence Program; education department, Lifelong Learning Program; arts department, Arts in the Community Program; public affairs department, Historic Preservation Program; public affairs department, Community Safety Program; international affairs department, Reaching out Internationally program; Home Life Department, Helping Hands Program; special projects, Membership Program; and 100 percent participation: president’s special project.

Arts and craft awards went to Eloise Fuller (highest art award); Donna Morris, pastel painting “A Lady in a Straw Hat;” first place: Donna Morris for oil painting; second place: Donna Morris for other medium painting; second place: Donna Morris for knitting; first place: Stephanie Dikis for cross stitch; first place: Stephanie Dikis for hand-woven purse; second place: Michelle Gay for photography; second place: Phyllis French for china painting; second place: Phyllis French for crochet; second place: Diane Moore for scrapbooking; second place: Pop Tops Special Art Award by Stephanie Dikis