CCS students named to dean’s list

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Cornerstone Christian School is pleased to announce the dean’s list for Spring 2008. This distinction reveals that these students have grasped the truth of Wendell Berry’s proposal that “By our work we reveal what we think of the works of God.”

CCS would like to congratulate the following students for this accomplishment:

eighth grade: Jana Armstrong, Loey Peete, Josie Whitehurst and Chase Payne; ninth grade: Stephanie Dorough, Kailey Goodwin, Rebecca George, Nicole Stefkovich, Paige Pazsak and Kallen Morrison; 10th grade: Jordan Greenhill, Wesley Dees, Olivia Snider, Bethany Webb, Stephen Bulger and Chelsey Dunnaway;

11th grade: Rachel Wilson, Brittney Calma and Josh Dunnaway; and 12th grade:

Jessica Hall, Sharise Riether, Torie Snider, Aubri Smith and Josh Criswell.