Liberty Bells assist Alabama’s First Lady Patsy Riley

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 19, 2008


The American Village Liberty Bells were proud to assist First Lady Patsy Riley as she greeted guests for the fifth-annual First Lady’s Tea Party at the Governor’s Mansion.

The Invocation was given by Mrs. Judy Flannery. Guest speakers followed a catered luncheon, by Silver Spoon.

The topic was “Beautiful…from the Inside Out.” Speakers were Wynne Crawford, MD, Cardiologist, Montgomery Cardiovascular Associates,P.C.; Dee Myers, Gloria’s Good Health, Decatur Health Counselor; and Mary Brocious, Association Wellness Director, the Montgomery YMCA.

The Liberty Bells then followed Mrs. Riley to the Front Lawn of the Governor’s Mansion. From there, they guided guests, as Mrs. Riley signed teacups the attendees had brought or purchased for the occasion.

After the luncheon, everyone was invited to tour Hill House, next door to the Mansion, which was the Montgomery Junior League’s 2008 Decorator Show House.

The American Village Liberty Bells is a service organization whose purpose is to give Shelby County high school junior girls experience in assuming civic responsibilities