City takes proactive approach

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A day&8217;s trip to work and back could mean about $10 or even more for some people, depending on the car they drive and how far they have to go. The city of Pelham hopes they can save their employees some of that money, while at the same time saving itself on electric bills and being more accessible to residents.

From now through Labor Day, most Pelham offices will be closed on Fridays. Instead, those departments will work Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m.&045;5:30 p.m., hopefully being more flexible for people to come in before or after work.

In early September, the city will decide whether or not to make the change permanent. Whether it works or not, city leaders should be commended for trying to save money.

Mayor Bobby Hayes and city leaders are taking a proactive approach &045;&045; something not all cities are willing to do &045;&045; and they are asking citizens to be proactive with them.

By closing on Fridays, the city will save on electricity from computers, lights and other equipment that will be taking the day off. It could even save a bit on water since sinks won&8217;t be turned on or toilets flushed. This means saving taxpayers&8217; dollars.

The city also recognizes the burden on its own employees. Gas at several local gas stations has hit $4 a gallon, and, for some, even one day without the ignition turned on could mean savings.

It&8217;s refreshing to see people in power trying out a new approach to solving problems. Beyond saving money, this could also give many employees more time to spend with their families over the weekend &045;&045; something many people would jump at the chance to have. It could even cause productivity to go up when people have more down time to rejuvenate for the week.