Letters to the Editor for July 2nd, 2008

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dear Editor,

I would like to bring something to your attention that you may not be aware of. My friend, Jim Martin, is running for mayor of the city of Pelham. I am so glad that he is for several reasons.

The first and foremost is that Pelham needs some new blood. We have had the same administration there for many, many years, and it is time for change.

The current administration has indeed improved Pelham in many ways, but much of it has been at the expense of the citizens and their wishes.

I know of many citizens who have gone to the planning commission and expressed concerns about &8220;progress&8221; in their neighborhoods, and they have either been placated and then double-crossed later or ignored totally.

I know for a fact that Jim Martin is not like this. He is an honorable and fair man that loves Pelham and its citizens. He has seen many changes both good and bad for Pelham in the many years that he has lived here.

He sees some serious concerns being ignored right now that need to be addressed immediately for the protection of our great city and its citizens.

We must not continue to have the same old system in Pelham. We must not vote for a hand-picked successor to an administration that is not working for us, Pelham&8217;s citizens, any more.

The citizens must have a voice, not just the city officials. Our elected officials should be open to what the citizens are saying, not ignoring them as unimportant and that they, the officials, know best.

I know that Jim Martin will have an open-door policy and do what is best for his hometown &8212; Pelham.

Donna Hill Thompson