Kids learn to be servants in God’ backyard

Published 3:35 pm Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dozens of little hands and little feet waved and jumped to the sounds of music at Columbiana United Methodist Church Monday amidst a setting of a bright red house and a garden with a white picket fence.

Almost 70 kids in all registered to spend a week at the church learning about God.

The Vacation Bible Schools’ theme is “God’s Big Backyard: Where children have a blast serving Jesus.”

“Our whole week has been based around teaching them to find different ways to serve others,” said VBS Director Michelle Gay. “Instead of taking an offering from families, we ask that they bring canned foods. On the last day Oak Mountain Missions will come and let the kids help load up the truck.”

Throughout each day this week kids will be learning Bible lessons, how to sing a worship song in sign language and how to make crafts to give to others.

Sunday kicked the week off with a big party and lessons about how to serve their families.

“I’m going to help my mom cook and wash dishes,” said four-year-old Kate McKeller. “I’m going to help her make a big meal.”

Gay said they will later learn how to serve friends, neighbors and eventually Jesus.

At the end of each day, the kids of all age groups come back together to discuss what they learned and to sing songs of worship and praise. Each kid then places a handprint on a bulletin board proclaiming what they will do that week to serve others.