Inverness greenway in design stage

Published 6:20 pm Monday, July 21, 2008

The proposed Inverness Trail project, which will run from Hoover’s Inverness Nature Park to Veterans Park, is closer to construction. Engineering reports should be finished within the next two months, said Shelby County Manager Alex Dudchock.

The trail, which should be about 10 feet wide, is meant for pedestrian and bike traffic. Shelby County and Hoover are co-sponsoring the project.

“It’s perfectly within our desires,” Dudchock said of the greenway project. “We’ve worked very hard to partner with cities within the municipality.”

Phase 1 of the project, which will go from Valleydale Road to the east end of the Inverness Nature Park, is currently under design. That component of the project is projected to cost $482,000, Dudchock said.

Phase 1 will be about 1.9 miles long, said Hoover Mayor Tony Petelos in an e-mail.

“Construction of this greenway provides for alternative means of travel, provides an area for physical activity, promotes a feeling of community, eventually provides a link to nearby commercial and recreational areas and reduces vehicle travel,” Petelos said.

Phase 2 of the greenway will be along Inverness Center Parkway, connecting the nature park with Valleydale Road, Dudchock said. The final phase will be the construction of a sidewalk along Valleydale Road to Veterans Park.

The Inverness Center Parkway segment of the project is projected to cost $354,000, Dudchock said. The Valleydale Road sidewalk will be 3.5 miles long and 6 feet wide. There is no price projection for the sidewalk at this time, Dudchock said.

Petelos said public reaction has been positive thus far.

“Overall, based upon the feedback received from the public presentations that have been held, the entire area is excited about the project,” he said. However, Petelos did say there were some isolated areas of alarm from the citizens.

Concerns are to be expected when dealing with a project like this, Dudchock said. The greenway will likely border residents’ property, and the design team will discuss that with property owners when needed. Residents’ reactions and concerns would be weighed with other considerations, he said.