County shouldn’t ignore highway repairs

Published 4:13 pm Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I would like to share something with Shelby County residents.

I live off of Shelby County Road 36 in Chelsea. The County Highway department has been doing pavement repairs where they cut a strip (about 4 feet wide) out of the road and then lay new asphalt.

Before the intersection with County Road 11, there is a cut at the bottom of a high, steep hill with a curve at the bottom near Oaklyn Hills.

It caught my attention the first time I went over it, as I came up on it coming out of a curve and it was a rough jolt to my vehicle.

On Friday, June 27, I called the County Highway Department to let them know it may not be safe.

I explained the cut seemed to be a little deeper than others, and that it could catch an unaware person by surprise as they encountered it. I explained this was a potentially dangerous situation.

I was told that normally they are allowed to go about 1 inch deep when cutting for repairs and it was possible it could have gone deeper. He explained that it should be fixed in a couple of days.

The next morning I was driving by the location and noticed traffic stopped for a car accident. I did not stop, but did call 911.

I have not seen the police report (Pelham Police and Fire responded), so I cannot say what was the actual cause.

What I do know, is if the cut had anything to do with this accident, the County Highway Department should post warning signs from each direction before the driver crosses the area and rethink how promptly these repairs are completed.

After viewing the accident and skid marks, I again called the County Highway Department first thing Monday morning.

I explained to the same receptionist what happened. She listened and then briskly said she would pass it on before ending the call.

As I drove by it coming home from work today, I noticed not a thing has been done to the cut in the road. Also, there are still no posted signs as you approach this from either direction letting drivers know of a potential issue.

As a taxpayer, I think the County Highway Department could do a lot better in doing these types of repairs.