Dress codes replaces academics at forefront

Published 4:00 pm Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Once again, we as parents are dealing with the dress code issue at Columbiana Middle School.

It hasn’t been a full week of school yet and my child has come home to inform me that she has been reprimanded for inappropriate attire at school.

As a parent, I am fully aware of what my children walk out the door wearing each morning as they head out for another day of education.

The clothing she was wearing that day was in no way considered inappropriate.

So I pulled out the Shelby County School System code of conduct manual and proceeded to read the dress code section provided.

Nowhere in the dress code section did it imply in any way that my child’s clothing was inappropriate.

So, now my question is why does CMS feel that they can adopt their own dress code and not follow the rules laid out by the Shelby County Board of Education?

I feel as though more attention is being given at CMS to the clothes the children wear rather than the academic issues that should be in the forefront.

If CMS administration insists upon their very own individualized dress code perhaps they should take steps to get the appropriate information to parents so that we can be crystal clear on what is appropriate.

I choose to live in Shelby County because our school system has one of the best academic curriculums in the state.

As a parent, I would like to feel that when I send my children to school that they are receiving quality education.

However, when so much emphasis is placed on the way a student is dressed, down to very minor details, I don’t think academics are priority to the administrators.

Instead of threatening these children with detention, call the parents to discuss the matter.

I will be more than happy to discuss my child’s school attire with you.