We say: Discover more on county

Published 4:21 pm Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Citizens of Shelby County are truly lucky to have such a gorgeous place to live. We have close to 50 parks in the area, numerous outdoor events and amenities and plenty of venues for those who love sports. We also have museums, wineries and campgrounds.

However, in the past, people coming into Shelby County haven’t always known about all the attractions the county has to offer.

That’s why we’re happy to see the county’s revamped tourism Web site. The site is an example of using technology to reach out to those who may know nothing about Shelby County.

Reaching out is essential, especially in this time of population explosion in the county.

Every year, Shelby County adds more and more residents and visitors. We want to keep those people here. The only way for those people to be served well is for them to be aware of what’s available here.

The sheer breadth of information to be found on the Web site is astonishing.

People can find facts and figures about each municipality in the county, as well as the attractions each has to offer.

There’s a list of all the county’s libraries for those who want to take a break from exploring the outdoors in order to explore the pages of a book.

Golf and other sports are also highlighted, as well as a Points of Interest page that gives information on destinations ranging from the Harpersville Drive-In to Miller’s Cheese House.

This Web site shouldn’t just be for newcomers to Shelby County, though. Even lifelong citizens likely have a new experience to discover, waiting just a mouse click away.