Old problems, new opportunities merge at forum

Published 4:35 pm Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Recurring problems and new opportunities both surfaced Tuesday night at the Wilsonville Election Forum.

Topics varied from why the town almost ran out of water last summer to new projects like a town Web site.

The county’s four chambers of commerce and the Shelby County Reporter sponsored the forum.

Both candidates running for mayor, Don Davis and Rosemary Liveoak, addressed the standing room only crowd at Wilsonville Town Hall.

Davis promised to fund youth activities, pursue a senior citizen building and recruit new businesses.

“I would certainly encourage small business,” Davis said. “Infrastructure for large business is out of the question, we can’t furnish it.”

Davis also said he would figure out just how much the town was in debt and make a plan to pay that money back.

“If you don’t know where you are … you don’t know where you’re going,” Davis said.

Liveoak pledged to work to address citizens’ concerns in a timely manner, develop and maintain a town Web site and support new industry.

“I would love to see businesses that would add to services, not repeat the services we already have … to make it where we don’t have to travel so far,” Liveoak said.

She said that same logic should be applied to adding more city services.

“I love my hometown,” said Liveoak. “I want to see the town expand services while keeping our uniqueness.”