Liveoak re-elected as mayor

Published 10:20 pm Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Standing on the corner of Main Street all day helped pay off for Rosemary Liveoak, who was elected to a second term as mayor of Wilsonville.

“For a rainy day, it went pretty good,” Liveoak said. “I stood out all day waving and greeting people.”

Liveoak received 304 votes, while challenger Donald “Don” L. Davis had 206 votes.

“I got an old fashion tail slashin’. Pure and simple, I got beat,” Davis said. “I’m disappointed, but I enjoyed (the campaign).”

Liveoak wins her second mayoral election after unseating Mayor Jake Morris in the 2004 election.

“I look forward to serving the citizens of Wilsonville for four more years and working with another active council,” Liveoak said. “We’ll just tighten up Wilsonville and work a little closer together … And we’ll have fun doing it.”

Town Council results at large:

Alan Revis-363, 16 percent

Dennis Blackerby- 359, 16 percent

Terry Newman- 337, 15 percent

E. Lee McCarty III- 329, 14 percent

Calvin Gill- 322, 14 percent

Melissa Rosetta- 318, 14 percent

Patricia “Pat” Johnson- 241, 11 percent

Stephanie Roulier- 236, 10 percent

Paul Mullin- 218, 10 percent

Donald Martin- 205, 9 percent