McAllister elected new Vincent mayor

Published 11:19 pm Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ray McAllister ran away with the mayoral election in Vincent garnering 299 votes or 65.5 percent to his nearest competitor, Jimmy Carter’s 78 votes or 17 percent in the unofficial tally.

Outgoing Council Member Ernest Kidd collected 56 votes or 12 percent to finish third while Joseph “Joey” Cobb netted 23 votes or 5 percent in last place.

In the only contested council race for Vincent, Place 4, Ralph B. Kimble Jr. edged out Beth Hawkins with 48 votes or 52 percent of the vote cast in that race to 44 votes or 47 percent.

Both Carter and Hawkins expressed disappointment in the turnout, which they attribute to the weather among other reasons.

Carter said people in city government have to get with the people of the community. He said the people were divided along both “political” and “racial lines.”

Hawkins said less that less than 30 percent of the people came out to vote overall, and in her district with approximately 200 eligible voters, only 92 voted. She noted a lack of community involvement. “A lot of people didn’t show up because they’re not involved,” she said.

Hawkins said she congratulated Kimble and offered to help him and that she told McAllister she would be willing to serve on committees to stay involved. She said she would like to see the town grow, but maintain its small town feel.

McAllister the 55-year-old, said he enjoyed the campaign for mayor and that it was “clean.” He said, there was “no mud slinging at all, no animosity, we’re friends.”

As to the future, he said, “We’ve got to do some business development, economic development to get our revenue up.” He also said, “I’m going to work with my contacts at the state level to see if we can get some things to help our revenues.” He said those contacts were friends he could contact to let them know “Vincent exits.”

Kimble, 45, said the race for District 4 was closer than he expected. As to the future, he said he wants to “improve the communications between the government and the citizens in the community because, I know I can do that.”

Larry King, 42, was unopposed for Place 1 on the council. Bridgett Jordan Smith was unopposed for Place 2. And Johnny Edwards was unopposed for Place 3.