We say: Municipal elections important

Published 12:09 am Thursday, September 4, 2008

Elections go beyond a vote. Aug. 26 was Election Day in municipalities across the county, and voters went to the polls to select their city’s leaders.

While it is good that a number of people voted, the turnout can still be better.

Many municipalities already have their leaders set for the next four years. We congratulate those who are now in office and urge all involved — candidates and supporters — to join together in those cities to work together on the issues that were raised during the campaigns in order to see their city grow the way they want it to.

But while many are over, many more are not. Runoffs are set throughout the county for mayor or city council seats. These elections on Oct. 7 are just as important, if not more important than the one Aug. 26.

Just because your candidate of choice did not win, it does not mean you sit back and watch the show next month. No, get out, learn the issues of the remaining two candidates and make your best educated decision on who to elect to the office in question.

But its more than just voters get educated. Candidates need to stump extra hard to make sure their constituents know where they stand.

Voter registration deadline is always 10 days before an election. With a number of provisional ballots cast and questionable situations in the past election, be sure to double check your voter status. If you have questions about your status, call the Shelby County Board of Registrars at 669-3913. If you are not registered or have moved and need to update our registration, the deadline to do so in order to vote in the runoff elections is Sept. 26.

For information about a form or to search for your polling location, visit www.shelbycounty alabama.com/Registrar/RegistrarHome.htm.

We say is the Shelby County Reporter’s weekly staff editorial.