Pelham band needs help with uniforms

Published 1:42 pm Monday, September 8, 2008

I have grown up around band my whole life since my dad is the band director at Pelham High School. My whole family participates from my dad to my mother, who sponsors the color guard, to my younger brother who also marches with me.

Ever since I can remember, I have watched the band perform at halftime on Friday nights and at competitions. I have always noticed that our band uniform is one of a kind. We take pride in the fact that our uniform is like none other. I know that alumni and other community members are proud to see us in the uniforms and we go to great lengths to take care of them and make them look nice. We also try to make them last so everyone can be proud when they see us.

The uniforms we have now are 24 years old. A current band member’s mother wore this exact same uniform when she was in band at Pelham High School. A uniform is only supposed to last 12-15 years. The care we have so carefully given them has enabled us to keep them for so long. They are now old-fashioned, which means they are extremely hot and are falling apart. The new ways of making uniforms today enable them to be cooler and easier to manage.

Band parents talk all the time of how proud they are to see the band in its uniform. Their support, dedication and hard work in raising money for us to buy new uniforms is greatly appreciated by the band. We are trying our hardest to help them out in raising some money. The band is putting loose change in a box in the band room every day to raise money for new ones.

One person’s uniform will cost $350. We are asking for donations of any amount. Every little bit helps. If you would like to donate anything to help us achieve our goal of getting 200 uniforms, which gives us enough for every member of the band, then please call Jeff Burnside at 685-0403.

As a member of the band, I have learned respect, leadership, pride in myself and have made many friends as well as many memories that will last me a lifetime. We have had a lot of community support in raising money so far. I along with all my fellow band members would greatly appreciate if you would help by donating money to help us achieve our goal of new uniforms for next year.

Kaitlyn Burnside is a junior at Pelham High School.