Folks get moving around town

Published 10:41 am Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Early mornings find folks moving in Montevallo. Walkers and joggers can be spotted all over town and in the park.

At the University local health seekers might be found sweating, or glistening, over the various machines in the weight training class or working out in a water exercise class.

Although the classes are not a formal part of the “Get Moving Montevallo” program initiated by Mayor Anderson and professor Carolyn Kirby, they fit those goals.

The “Get Moving” program encourages all citizens to become involved in a city-wide health and fitness initiative by participating in physical exercise at least 30 minutes five days a week.

On a recent visit to Kirby’s weight training class, we talked with Jim and Evelyn Seagle as they were stepping along on a treadmill.

“The workout keeps my range of motion steady so I can keep on going,” Jim said.

“I feel better when I exercise,” Gene Lightfoot said. “It helps me keep plugging along.”

Kirby said there are extreme health benefits to both the water exercise and the weight training. They are both appropriate for all age and fitness levels.

The water exercise is a combination of cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance.

It’s low impact for those with joint problems and recommended for people with arthritis.

The weight training is an individualized program that is updated as participants progress.

It’s a good way to learn the proper and safe way to use the machines and is wonderful for the prevention or control of osteoporosis and Type 2 diabetes and great for weight management.

In addition to these classes led by Kirby and an evening water exercise led by Jennie Perkins.

UM offers student activity center privileges to people in the community.

The membership fee includes the use of the weight/cardio/walking track, the weight training machines and the pool during specified hours. The annual fee for UM alumni is $250, plus $100 for a spouse and each dependent.

The fee for friends of UM is $350 with $100 extra for spouse and each dependent. Walking track membership (mornings only) is free.

For activity center membership, call 665-6607 or to register for one of these classes, call Continuing Education at 665–6280.

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