Exposing more communities to Bridge

Published 6:55 pm Monday, September 22, 2008

We decided this week to change our Monday evening game from one limited to players with fewer than 999 masterpoints to an open game (anybody can play). Our objective was to offer a game where experienced players could participate in a friendly evening of bridge and, where appropriate, mentor less experienced players.

Winners This Week

Monday: Rosann Dufek and Linda Floyd, Jerrie Friar and Liz Milko, Lorette and Clark Ogle, Kitty Griswold and Carolyn Dybvig, Judy Funk and Kathy Flemming.

Monday evening: Roy and Guy Martin followed by Lorette and Clark Ogle.

Thursday: Lorette and Clark Ogle followed by Jerrie Friar and Aileen Hill.

Friday: Peggy and Gene Graham (a Utah beach veteran) followed by Judy Chase and Bernie Liberman, John Lusco and Mac LaCasse, Judy and David Funk, Lanell and Paul Saeger.

Saturday: John Lusco and Mac LaCasse, Jerrie Friar and Aileen Hill, Frances Ubben and Arlene Owens.

Tip Of The Week

This is the start of a series on bridge etiquette. Let’s start with a simple thing. Once you pick up your hand and begin to sort the cards, all chit-chat stops until after the last trick has been played and North begins to score the hand. By chit-chat, I also mean grunts of displeasure, raised eyebrows, sighs, tapping of the fingers or shuffling of the feet. During the bidding and play of the hand players are to do nothing that gives unauthorized information to partner. Grin and bear it. Learn defensive signals. Live with it. You’ll play again in seven minutes.

Hand Of The Week

Declarer takes the ace (1) and loses the jack of clubs, then the queen of spades before shifting to the diamond king, won by the board’s ace (2). A spade is ruffed low in hand (3) followed by a club ruff (4) with the ten of hearts which is followed with a cross ruff of the high trumps. Declarer ruffs a spade with the king (5), a club with the jack (6), and another spade with the ace (7) leaving the high queen of trumps on the board for the (8) trick. West is left with a club, two tall diamonds and two small trumps; East is left with three small trumps and two diamonds. Declarer concedes and gets a top board.

Other scores on this hand were 1NT by North making 1, two clubs by E making 2 and 3, and a passout.