Harpersville police to launch amnesty program

Published 4:41 pm Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Haven’t paid that traffic ticket yet? The town of Harpersville has decided to give you one last chance.

Police Chief David Latimer has announced the launch of Harpersville’s amnesty program. Beginning Oct. 1, persons with unpaid fines, traffic citations or outstanding misdemeanor warrants may voluntarily appear at the Town Hall to pay their dues. Violators can make arrangement for payment through the Town Magistrate.

If violators voluntarily appear at the Town Hall, all warrant and administrative fees accrued as a result of failure to appear in court or failure to pay fines will be waived. The program is the first of its kind in Harpersville, according to Latimer.

“We’re just trying to clear up old fines and give folks the opportunity to avoid additional fines,” Latimer said.

Violators have until Oct. 31 to pay their fines. Once the deadline passes, Harpersville police will begin an intense effort to apprehend persons with outstanding warrants.

“We’re going to chase them down,” Latimer said.

For more information, call 672-9877 or 672-2490.