Cornestone wins 50th game

Published 1:23 am Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nine years ago, a young football team gathered for its first season of Cornerstone football. Friday, another young Chargers team picked up the program’s 50th win.

“It’s a very clear milestone for us for our school to be as young as we are,” CCS assistant coach Jay Adams said.

Adams, who joined the Cornerstone staff in its second season in 2001, tipped off the players during Friday’s game that the win would be head coach Tim Smith’s 50th.

As the time rolled off the clock in the Chargers’ 47-9 victory over South Montgomery, Smith received a water-bucket shower by juniors Cory Woodall, J.V. McKinney and Patrick Shaw.

“Oh, they’re day is coming,” joked Smith about getting even with the three.

Woodall and McKinney combined for five touchdowns in the win, three of which belonged to Woodall. He finished the game with 73 yards rushing and 95 yards receiving. McKinney scored on a 52-yard run and 67-yard catch.

Eighth grader Brandon Johnson also picked off a pass from the nose guard position and ran it back 62 yards for a score. He also scored on offense, running it in from 31 yards. Lance Benton also picked off a pass, his fourth of the season. Also helping to lead the defense was freshman Clayton Halbert’s 10 tackles and eight from Trey Benson.

“We just needed to get back on a winning track,” said Smith, who lost to Chambers last week. “I felt we played hard on the defensive side tonight than we played last week.”

Smith and Cornerstone (4-2) are currently in their ninth season of football. Their record is 50-42.

“One of the reasons he’s (Smith) been so valuable to the program is he’s done everything with class and integrity. He doesn’t take shortcuts. He’d rather win right,” Adams said. “I’m just glad I got to be here. When people stay some place that long, there’s a reason. He could have gone a lot of places the last 8 or 10 years and he hasn’t.”

The only place Smith is worried about going to right now is Sumter next Friday and hopefully, one day, a region championship.