Candidate to challenge mayor vote

Published 3:28 pm Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pelham mayoral candidate Gary Waters will file a petition Tuesday seeking a recount of this week’s runoff.

Waters, a retired Pelham fire chief, was beaten by eight votes, 1,321-1,313, in the race against former Shelby County Commissioner and state representative Don Murphy.

The Pelham City Council will canvass the votes Tuesday at noon. Water’s wife and campaign manager, Lynn, said today the campaign won’t be able to file the petition until after the votes are canvassed.

According to state law, anyone wishing to petition for a recount has 48 hours after the canvassing to do so.

The runoff results of four City Council seats were decided by more than 20 votes.

Teresa Nichols defeated incumbent Rosemary Metcalf in the Place 1 runoff. Nichols received 1,340 votes, or 52.12 percent, to Metcalf’s 1,231 votes, or 47.88 percent.

Incumbent Mike Dickens defeated incumbent Willard Payne in the Place 2 runoff. Dickens received 1,320 votes, or 51.87 percent, to Payne’s 1,225 votes, or 48.13 percent.

Bill Meadows defeated Beth McMillan in the Place 3 runoff. Meadows received 1,276 votes, or 50.57 percent, to McMillan’s 1,247 votes or 49.43 percent.

Incumbent Karyl Rice defeated incumbent Bob Sullivan in the Place 5 runoff. Rice received 1,310 votes, or 52 percent, to Sullivan’s 1,209 votes, or 48 percent.