Lowe wins by 5 votes

Published 12:47 pm Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mayor Allan Lowe defeated opponent Gregg Rushton in a race that was too close to call for a week.

Lowe earned 521 votes to Rushton’s 516. The total includes three provisional ballots that weren’t certified until noon Tuesday.

Lowe said he was excited about his victory and will work to win back Rushton supporters.

“The close vote shows we have a lot of communicaiton to do,” said Lowe. “We need to put the truth out there.”

Lowe said he will work on recruiting businesses and improving parks and recreation in his third term.

After the results were announced, Rushton said he wasn’t sure if he would file for a recount. State law gives him 48 hours to do so.

“My understanding is we have 48 hours to decide,” said Rushton. “We’ll take our time in making a decision.”

Lowe said he wouldn’t be suprised by a recount.

“With something that close, I certainly understand if anyone wants a recount,” Lowe said.