Trotter’s future at Auburn may be now

Published 11:59 pm Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Auburn University’s answer to its offensive woes once tossed the football around Shelby County on Friday nights.

It’s been one year since Barrett Trotter stood in the Briarwood Christian team room announcing his decision to play college ball at Auburn. Once the word was out, I began telling others what I thought the moment I saw Trotter on the sidelines of the South Florida game — this guy will one day be leading the Tigers’ offense.

Many thought I was crazy. Media across the state was asking, “Who is this guy? Can he even compete in the SEC?”

My answer was simply, watch him work, and you’ll know.

The reply was often, “Not as long as Kodi Burns is at Auburn.”

My answer, “We’ll see.”

It looks like the time to find out is now.

Tommy Tuberville affirmed my thoughts Monday in an interview with WBRC-6 in Birmingham. Trotter spent Monday with family and is in the process of deciding whether to leave the redshirt on or to go hard at practice this week willing to accept whatever role Tuberville asks of him.

From day one last fall, Trotter has said he’ll play if asked or be redshirted if asked.

Burns has been named the Tigers’ No. 1 guy, but Trotter has a shot at No. 2 and the chance to challenge for the starting job.

“Kodi’s our quarterback right now, but Barrett really throws the ball well, and he might give us another opportunity or something to work with … He’s going to be the quarterback of the future at Auburn,” Tuberville said.

Trotter broke nearly every passing record that stood at Briarwood in his three years as starting quarterback.

His career numbers rank at the top of the AHSAA with former or current SEC quarterbacks Jamarcus Russell, Chris Smelley, John Parker Wilson and Tyler Watts.

It’s no surprise that Trotter has caught the attention of the coaching staff and that the large daily newspaper columnists, sportscasters and talk radio hosts are finally catching on.

Trotter has the tools Auburn’s offense needs. He possesses accuracy far better than what Chris Todd or Burns have displayed this season. While he is not Kodi Burns, his run game is more than sufficient. But beyond that, an ability to read defenses and call plays at the line, Trotter possesses the ability to rally a team and whip an offense in shape. He’s a competitor that knows how to find the end zone, and that is what Auburn is missing.

Can Trotter do it? You bet.

Should he? No.

However, Trotter is willing accept whatever role is asked. This week that may be to show the Auburn Tigers what he can do. By next weekend, it may be to lead the Tigers to victory.

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