Murphy wins Pelham mayor recount

Published 12:36 pm Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Recount results affirm Don Murphy narrowly defeated Gary Waters by seven votes, 1,321-1,314, in the race for Pelham mayor.

Waters, a retired Pelham fire chief, sought the recount after he was beaten by eight votes in last week’s runoff. Waters and his wife, Lynn, stood by as poll workers ran ballots through two machines at Pelham City Hall today.

Once the ballots were counted and sealed in a cardboard box, election inspector Roy Jowers asked, “Everybody happy?”

Waters replied, “I wouldn’t say happy. I’ll say satisfied.”

Waters said the recount was the prudent thing to do.

Murphy was represented at the recount by his son, Jeff, and attorney Mickey Johnson.

Waters will personally congratulate Murphy at Mayor Bobby Hayes’ retirement reception this afternoon at the Pelham Civic Complex.

“(Murphy) ran a very honorable race,” Waters said. “Today I have a new mayor and I’ll support him any way I can.”

With the campaign behind him, Waters announced he will leave for Iraq before Christmas to teach soldiers. He will teach for one year through an independent contractor with the U.S. Department of Defense.

Waters joked, “A year in Iraq will be better than a year of campaigning in Pelham.”