Owens roast sentimental event

Published 2:21 pm Thursday, October 23, 2008

District Attorney Robby Owens offered himself to be burned at the stake last month for the sake of CASA.

Approximately 150 people attended the bonfire –– I mean event –– raising $33,000 for Court Appointed Special Advocates of Shelby County and the children they serve.

Robby’s right-hand man Bill Bostick really laid it on thick. Just in case Robby decides to fire Bill over his hysterically funny remarks, Bill can always be a stand-up comedian. He was without a doubt the hit of the night. He used sarcasm and wit in a closing argument style that would make Perry Mason shutter.

Robby’s uncle and county commission chairman Joel Bearden and Randy Hillman, executive director of the Alabama Attorney General’s Association, also gave Owens quite a burn telling of family tales and criminal cases, respectively. Hillman and Owens go back many years and it was mentioned some cases were so exhausting Owens would fall asleep standing up.

Robby’s cousin Elwyn Bearden came as a surprise roaster. Elwyn read a poem, dressed Robby up in a crown and bullet-proof vest and made him stand before the crowd as he read it. Elwyn and Robby were college roommates.

When Owens stood to make his rebuttal, it was really painless for the three roasters, as he is far too nice of a guy to say too many bad things about people. Owens opened his heart in what was a story of his decision to be honored at the roast. His intention was to do it not to honor himself, but his wife and his best friend who have both passed away in the past year. He also made mention of Judge Patricia Fuhrmeister and her untimely death as well. Though there were some tears in the audiences’ eyes, this was not necessarily a sad portion of the program, but one honoring some very important people in his life and in the life of our community.

CASA is a non-profit organization that recruits and trains volunteers to go through the court process with abused and neglected children. CASAs are advocates for the child’s best interest and serve as a voice for children who may not otherwise have one solely dedicated to their cause. For more information on CASA and how you can help, please visit www.casaofshelbycounty.org or call 669-4305.